Thank you!

Kyle Weiss, Ryan Potter, FUNDaFIELD and Toy Box of Hope would like to express their deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who made Chance to Play 2012 such a success.

Thank you to you our sponsors, Eurosport, Passback, It&ly, Freebirds, Be Legendary,
Build-A-Bear, JG Entertainment, White Tiger, Groov3, JAM, Coca Cola, Tomodachi Kitty, Pop Chips, Waiakea Water, Mercenaries, Diddy Riese, for believing in us enough to take a chance and help give kids a chance to play.

Thank you to our performers, Groov3, JAM, Girl Squad and IM5. Thank you for lending your time, energy and talent. You made the day awesome.

Thank you to our fantastically funny hosts/coaches Stephen Kramer Glickman and Kirk Fox.

Thank you to our players! What an awesome game. We hope you had as much fun playing as we did watching. We hope you'll be back next year.

Thank you to our staff, volunteers, friends and family. Without your support, talent, time and food deliveries we would never have made it. Thank you Stephen Kui for the amazing website, graphic design skills and last minute help day and night. Thank you to the talented Tyler Ross Photography for documenting our journey. A special shout out to Dan Guthorn, Wendie Dox, Daniela Dacosta, Piccolo PR, Bonnie McMullen, and Sarah McMullen.

Thank you to our amazing host facility, Cromwell Field and everyone at the University of Southern California with whom we had the great pleasure of working.

Above all, thank you to our fans, audience and fundraisers who believe even the smallest acts of kindness make a difference. Your support reaches homeless children in Los Angeles and beyond the seas to children in great need all across third world countries.

From our hearts, thank you.

Chance to Play 2012, FUNDaFIELD, & Ryan Potter's Toy Box of Hope

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